Study Days Winter ’21

Study Days Winter ’21 (Regensburg)

On December 2 all participants of the elite graduate programme were invited to join the study days in Regensburg. This time there were several novelties: First of all, after two years of purely online study days due to the corona pandemic, this was the first in-person event once again. However, to decrease the risk of spreading the virus, the study days were shortened to one day and also a participation online from home was possible.
The group of FAU students started in the morning at the stations in Erlangen and Nürnberg. On the way to Regensburg, already in the train we were checked for our 3G-status (which was no problem, as the participation in the study day required even a 2G status). After arrival at the University of Regensburg, the conference started at 10AM with two parallel sessions of talks such that everybody could choose an individual programme for the morning according to their interests. Following each talk there was time for the audience to pose questions. For the second time after the summer study days this year, the individual sessions were chaired by student chairpersons which got the opportunity to gain experience and practice for later conferences.
After this first block of presentations, all participants had lunch break together in the pizza restaurant at university (which offers delicious pizzas with the largest diameter I have ever seen). During this break, there was the possibility to discuss the talks one had just attended and to also get a brief overview over the content of the other parallel session. As the study days were also the first event within the new study year for the entire elite programme, students could also get to know each other better, in particular the new ones that had been admitted this semester.
After the break, two more presentations were on the schedule. Subsequently the general discussion concluded the day, where we discussed possible topics for the study week 2022 and voted for our favourite ones, such that a shortlist with a few topics was created, on which an online election will be conducted in the following days. We were also provided with further information, e.g. on how to enroll at the other university for exchange semesters, etc.
In the end, all participants left with a broader overview of the different research areas at the two universities and also some ideas on where to go for an own project.
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